June 19, 2024
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Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor Review

Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor

Welcome to my honest Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor review. Rich the author of this system has been betting on sports for years and he was losing money, just like any average bettor. After analyzing sports results data going over many years he discovered a system that really works to bring money.

System Sports Betting Professor focuses on 3 primary US sports, they being basketball, football & MLB baseball. The NFL & NBA systems have similar structures and can be used in conjunction with one another, while the MLB is a system to be used on it’s own.

He built a 3 tier progressive betting method otherwise known as staking. This method is deemed very effective. Oh, no! Is this another chase betting system that will work for only one season? I dare say this is not scam system. Sports Betting Professor System has worked for quite a number of years. If you follow the system exactly, you can expect to hit 90% of your NBA bets. That doesn’t mean we will hit 90% of all placed picks. That 90% hit means in the 3-game series. If you prefer to bet the games as stand-alone straight bets, you can do that too. It is very easy to use and it’s user friendly.

You start with your 1st A bet to win normal bet amount. If we lose bet A we will make B bet to win amount and to recover losses from A bet. In case B bet fails, we will make C bet to win an amount and to recover any losses from A and B bets. There is no D bet.

If the system is that profitable why is Rich Allen selling it? The simple answer is he got banned from sportsbooks.

How will you get the picks or the systems?

The systems and picks will be delivered to your email. The picks are sent out a few hours before the first pitch. If it’s College or Pro football you will get the picks a full day before the game. If you choose the Platinum Package you’ll receive all of the systems PLUS Rich will send you the picks those systems produce for life.

What You Get

Picks Only Package – emailed to you everyday – $7 to try the first 7 days, $47 per month after
Expert Package: 4 sport (NFL, NCAA football, NBA, MLB) betting systems (no picks) – $197 one time payment
Platinum Package: 4 sport betting systems and lifetime picks – $197 one time payment.

So, it’s up to you. Keep in mind you can return the systems within 60 days no questions asked if you’re not satisfied and you can cancel the payment for the picks at any time also.

What’s the average number of bets per sport?
NBA – about 70 system bets
NFL – around 40-50 system bets
NCAA Football – between 35-50 system bets
MLB – approximately 600 bets per season

Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor recommend using between 2-5% of your starting bankroll for each wager. Let’s say we have bankroll of 100 units and the normal amount will be 2 units. For example we will take the odds from Pinnacle. Usually odds are 1.91 but you can find better odds if you check two or three different bookies.

A bet risk 2.5 to win 2 units)
B bet risk 5 to win 4.5 units)
C bet risk 11 to win 9.9 units)

To recover any loss system (-18.5 units) we need to win 10 systems. That looks risky but Rich won all last seasons in football and basketball. We will also test another staking system that is not that risky but we need at least 50% winning picks – which Rich Allen made each year. This will not be the problem because Rich hits 58% NFL and over 60% NBA picks.

We will test drive Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor system in next 30 days

09-Feb-15 NY Knicks vs MIA Heat (-4) @1.90
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Win 2.25, Total +2.25 units (System 1-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Win 1.80, Total +1.80 units (1-0 WL)

10-Feb-15 BKN Nets (+12) vs MEM Grizzlies @2.10
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Win 2.75, Total +5.00 units (System 2-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Win 2.20, Total +4.00 units (2-0 WL)

11-Feb-15 MIA Heat (+13) vs CLE Cavaliers @1.83
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Lost 2.5, Total +2.50 units (System 2-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Lost 2, Total +4.00 units (2-1 WL)

Take a few days break, All Star weekend is here.

all star weekend Rich Allen NBA

It’s been a long week off in NBA but we won’t be jumping back into action just yet. The system is being extremely selective after the All Star Break.

23-Feb-15 PHI 76ers (+12) vs MIA Heat @1.83
ABC – B bet stake 5 – Win 4.15, Total +6.65 units (System 3-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 3 – Win 2.49, Total +4.49 units (3-1 WL)

We had the night off last night but we’re back with two plays for 25-Feb.

25-Feb-15 MIA Heat (-4) vs ORL Magic @1.95
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Lost 2.5 (System 3-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Lost 2, (3-2 WL)

25-Feb-15 MEM Grizzlies (-7) vs SAC Kings @1.95
ABC – B bet stake 5 – Lost 5, Total -0.85 units (System 3-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 3 – Lost 3, Total -0.51 units (3-3 WL)

26-Feb-15 No plays

27-Feb-15 ORL Magic (+12) vs ATL Hawks @1.86
ABC – C bet stake 11 – Win 9.46, Total +8.61 units (System 4-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 4 – Win 3.44, Total +2.93 units (4-3 WL)

28-Feb-15 TOR Raptors vs NY Knicks (+12.5) @2.00
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Win 2.50, Total +11.11 units (System 5-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 3 – Win 3, Total +5.93 units (5-3 WL)

01-Mar-15 PHI 76ers (+11) vs IND Pacers @1.95
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Lost 2.5, Total +8.61 units (System 5-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Lost 2, Total +3.93 units (5-4 WL)

02-Mar-15 No plays

03-Mar-15 SAC Kings (-4) vs NY Knicks @1.90
ABC – B bet stake 5 – Win 4.50, Total +13.11 units (System 6-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 3 – Win 2.70, Total +6.63 units (6-4 WL)

04 to 05 Mar No plays

06-Mar-15 LA Lakers (+11.5) vs MEM Grizzlies @1.90
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Win 2.25, Total +15.36 units (System 7-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Win 1.80, Total +8.43 units (7-4 WL)

07-Mar-15 PHO Suns (+11) vs CLE Cavaliers @1.86
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 – Win 2.15, Total +17.51 units (System 8-0 WL)
Up/Down stake 2 – Win 1.72, Total +10.15 units (8-4 WL)

08-Mar-15 DAL Mavericks (-7) vs LA Lakers @1.83
ABC – A bet stake 2.5 –void/return money
Up/Down stake 2 – void/return money

It’s only $7 to try the first seven days. I started my trial at a bad time. At a time that we had the All Star weekend and lost over 10 days in picks. In this short time I got incredible results, so I kept my membership. My trial produce 8-0 WL chase bets and 8 winners of 12 picks what is 66% hitrate with 36% of yield.

NBAProf updown statsI truly recommend Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor system for people who like to place wagers on sports, but want some help and advice to make money. The $7 first week trial is a fantastic price, considering that you will find selections e-mailed to you on a daily basis. You can cancel within 30 days and you will not incur any additional expenses. If you like it you can choose the monthly payment method or the one-time charge.

My last piece of advice is to stay away from the MLB tips, which are just straight bets and there is no likelihood of profit. NFL & NBA systems are very profitable.

The system is no longer available

Mary interests include swimming, golf, sports betting and wine tasting. Last of all, she's stimulated by discovering and visiting different places such as Saint Julians -- Malta.


  • haranath August 7, 2016

    madam i purchased sportsbettingprofesser for 7 days trail……can i have some pointers from you madam kindly please.Thank you

    • Mary Jones August 7, 2016

      Dear Haranath
      Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor is terribly bad with MLB what is not bad to know, make yourself advantage and bet against his picks. His record this MLB season is 29-54 WL, -14.17 units(1 unit for each bet) while if you fade his picks you will have 54-29 WL, +10.34 units. His MLB picks on this way returns money every season.

      Example for last few days
      Chicago White Sox +121 W

      Oakland Athletics +185 L
      Kansas City Royals +136 L

      Houston Astros +110 L
      Seattle Mariners +126 L

      Cincinnati Reds +135 L
      San Diego Padres +136 W

      Rich Allen won only two of last 7 picks, imagine that how much money can you earn if you bet opposite his MLB picks.

  • Robert August 16, 2016

    2-0 WL last night fading MLB plays

    Thanks Mary, that really works

  • Colin February 18, 2017

    NBA works just great. I already earn some money. thx for review

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