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Macaukingtips.com Review

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How great is to see this record. That’s all winners, looks like too good to be true.

macauking tips

Macau King Tip offers original Macau Tips collected from Asian underground sources and from their bookmakers established in Macau, Singapore, China & Hong Kong. They receive the best betting tips, high quality insider and underground secret information. Playing their tips will bring you a lot of money and betting satisfaction! All soccer tips are carefully selected after rigorous analysis of insider information and odds are 1.80 or better. That betting service is must try to see how will work for me.

What macaukingtips.com guarantee?

  • one Macau King Tip every day
  • two replacement tips for any tip that ends in draw or lost

Subscription for 30 days is 120€ via Skrill or 130€ via PayPal. Macau King Tips also offer Over/Under tips that cost 80€ per month.

Well, before I paid for the picks I checked over the internet to see what other people were saying about macaukingtips.com. I didn’t find more than two or three negative posts on forums/blogs. One post about this betting service upset me a lot.

In 2013 forum visitors were complaining about the record. The pick which was sent on 31/03/2013 was Dinamo – Astra, tip: Astra +0.25 odd: 1.80

Astra lost that match but next day on the website records it was posted as winning Ceahlaul -0.5.

My friend told me that he was following macaukingtips.com for the last two months and results and archive were correct. What happens with macaukingtips? New owner take the site or that’s only the bad comment from the competition. Generally 2014 was great, over 70% winning picks.

Ok, forget that bad comments and test service right here. We will begin with stakes of 1€ per bet. All odds were taken from Pinnacle.

09-Oct-14 Moldova vs Austria (-0.75) stake 1 @1.89 +0.45 (half won)
10-Oct-14 Bulgaria (+0.25) vs Croatia stake 1 @2.10 -1.00
11-Oct-14 Poland (+1.25) v Germany stake 1 @1.69 +0.69
12-Oct-14 Ukraine + Aust/Mont u2.5 stake 1 @2.25 +1.25

Hmm, after two picks that I received next I’ve got Poland +1.25 instead Poland +1 and double Austria u2.5 + Ukraine instead of Austria -0,5. Well, both picks are winners, but next time it will be different. When I asked Macau King Tips what is happening, I got an answer that he is doing this to discard resellers. Not good things start happening, but I am in profit with +1.39 units.

13-Oct-14 Bosnia and Herz v Belgium (-0.25) stake 1 @1.85 -0.50 (half lost)
14-Oct-14 Germany (-1.5) v Ireland stake 1 @1.72 -1.00
17-Oct-14 Rapid Bucuresti vs FC Brasov (+0.25) stake 1 @1.82 +0.82
18-Oct-14 Man City (-1.25) v Tottenham stake 1 @2.00 +1.00
19-Oct-14 QPR vs Liverpool (-0.75) stake 1 @1.79 +0.40 (half won)
20-Oct-14 W.B.A vs Manchester United (-0.75) stake 1 @1.96 -1.00
21-Oct-14 FC Porto (-0.75) v Athletic Bilbao stake 1 @1.85 +0.43 (half won)
22-Oct-14 Liverpool vs Real Madrid (-0.5) stake 1 @1.79 +0.79
23-Oct-14 Gladbach (-1.75) vs Apollon stake 1 @1.80 +0.80
25-Oct-14 Valencia (-1.25) vs Elche stake 1 @1.94 +0.94
26-Oct-14 Olympiacos (-1) vs Panathinaikos stake 1 @1.88 void/return money
27-Oct-14 Dynamo Moscow (-0.75) vs Rubin stake 1 @1.91 -1.00
28-Oct-14 Shrewsbury Town vs Chelsea (-1.75) stake 1 @1.96 -1.00
29-Oct-14 Targu Mures (-0.75) vs Ceahlaul stake 1 @1.71 +0.71
30-Oct-14 Verona vs Lazio (-0.25) stake 1 @1.93 -0.50 (half lost)
31-Oct-14 Waregem vs Racing Genk (+0) stake 1 @2.04 -1.00

macau october stats

In October, after 20 picks Macau King hit 8 picks with three half winners. In this period we get 57.1% winners with a profit of 1.28 units and yield is only 6.40%. Nothing special. It is not true that we have picks every day. I spent a lot of money for subscription and I hope that November will be much better.

1-Nov-14 Granada v Real Madrid (-1.75) stake 1 @1.93 +0.93
2-Nov-14 Man City (-0.5) v Man Utd stake 1 @1.95 +0.95
3-Nov-14 Petrolul Ploiesti (-1.5) v Otelul stake 1 @1.78 -1.00
4-Nov-14 Arsenal (-1.5) v Anderlecht stake 1 @1.95 -1.00
5-Nov-14 Shakhtar D (-1.75) v BATE Borisov stake 1 @1.98 +0.98
6-Nov-14 Guingamp (-0.75) vs Dinamo Minsk stake 1 @1.98 +0.98
7-Nov-14 Silkeborg IF v Midtjylland (-0.75) stake 1 @1.93 +0.46 (half won)
8-Nov-14 West Ham (-0.75) vs Aston Villa stake 1 @1.99 -1.00
9-Nov-14 W.B.A vs Newcastle (+0.25) stake 1 @1.99 +0.99

Not bad start in November. We have a profit of 2.29 units, 5 winners and half win in the last 9 picks.

Where is new pick for 10th November? I am waiting almost the whole day. I sent an email to macaukingtips.com with question where is the pick. He sent me a quick reply with answer that he has problem with a sick member of the family and can’t be focused on tips. And he will be back on 14th November. Ok, I wish him all the best.

What’s going on? In record on website for 10th November 2014 I saw winner Nancy (-0.75) – Creteil 3-1. No, I didn’t receive this pick, I checked my email account and all folders specially spam folder.

Then I received email :

macau email about winners

Oh no, I can’t believe it. I have lost hope now! Betting service is not that bad to do this. So, he will post winners on website, but no one will see picks before. Isn’t that funny??? I can do this too, if I want to be the best tipster or service in the world. I asked my friend who was following that betting service what is happening with Macau King Tips and he told me that he too had fought with him about wrong picks on 11/12 October. He told me that the macaukingtips.com works fine when the results were good. He also told me that he lost subscription at Macau King Tips and he doesn’t follow the service anymore.

Oops, he is back earlier. Just 2 days posting fake winners in his record is enough.

12-Nov-14 Belgium vs Iceland (+1.25) stake 1 @1.91 -1.00

Again?? No sent pick, but winner is on the website. That’s really sad.

14-Nov-14 Romania vs Northern Ireland (+1) stake 1 @1.78 -1.00
15-Nov-14 FYR Macedonia vs Slovakia (-0.5) stake 1 @1.88 +0.88
16-Nov-14 Turkey vs Kazakhstan (+1.75) stake 1 @1.98 -0.50 (half lost)
17-Nov-14 Bulgaria U19 vs Sweden (-1.25) stake 1 @1.81 +0.81
18-Nov-14 R. Ireland U19 vs Switzerland (-0.5) stake 1 @1.64 -1.00
19-Nov-14 Sudan vs Congo (-0.5) stake 1 @2.02 +1.02
21-Nov-14 Belchatow (+0.5) vs Legia Warszawa stake 1 @2.19 -1.00
22-Nov-14 Atalanta vs AS Roma (-0.5) stake 1 @1.88 +0.88
23-Nov-14 Levante vs Valencia (-0.75) stake 1 @1.98 -1.00
24-Nov-14 Aston Villa vs Southampton (-0.5) stake 1 @1.74 -1.00
25-Nov-14 BATE Borisov vs Porto (-0.75) stake 1 @1.74 +0.74

macau statsI finally quit because I had enough of betting services like this one. When he is in good streak all stats are correct, but if he loses, then the records will be faked or results will be deleted from the site archives.

After 41 picks that I received the profit is 1.40 units (remember the stakes are 1 unit per each bet) and yield is only 3.41%.

Conclusion: On subscription spent 240€ (two months) and we earn only 1.4 units. To cover our costs, we should stake 200€ per each bet to recover costs and profit will be only 14€.

Not recommended betting service

Update 28-Feb-2015

Macaukingtips.com refreshed his selling website and deleted all the records. I was curious so I made a print screen of record on date 15-Feb. There were 10 winners (4 of them were half winners) and 9 losers. Pay attention to the red squares.

macau screen shot 16.feb_.2015

But when I checked website just two weeks later I saw a very impressive record. I can only say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

macau screen shot 3.3.2015

Inactive Service

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  • Kelvin June 12, 2015

    macaukingtips.com is gone!

    • Mary Jones July 28, 2015

      No, he is back with new website design 🙂

  • Daniel July 15, 2015

    Niczego sobie 🙂

  • GG October 3, 2015

    I wish you all the worst thing possible in a lifetime to happen to you because of this review!

  • Roger October 7, 2015

    How dare you wishing all worst things you SCAMMER. Many people lose money on your SCAM site.
    04-18-2015 received
    Liefering vs Hartberg – Hartberg (+1.25)
    Midtjylland vs Sylkeborg – (over 2.75)
    Eintracht vs Gladbach – (over 2.75)
    All lost picks but in record are all fake winners. You are scammer and liar. Mary what is his IP?

  • Mitsu October 10, 2015

    Cheater, I lost money on his unbelievable good picks too. Mary thanks for uncovering this scammer.

  • Me May 5, 2016

    Macau king tips Are Scam!!!!!!!

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