July 15, 2024
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Marathonbet Funny Bookie

Marathon bet

Excellent odds, a great offer and they don’t limit the accounts so quickly. I thought that was the bookie for me.

In order to avoid limits, I bet there only when the odds were much higher than at other bookmakers. So, I took only three bets in 2 weeks. I won one and lost the other two bets, so in total I was at a loss but Marathonbet limited my bets. At first to 20€. That was too fast. Why???

Since I didn’t have much money left, I bet for fun to see when and how much they would limit my account. I bet on the top leagues and I noticed that I was being limited more and more, that in the end I could not even bet for 1€.

In the end there was nothing left in my account and the account was completely limited. It’s really funny, I lost money and the account is limited to the point of pain.

One more thing, waiting time between KYC processes is too long.

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He is the founder of the betcover.com, which has been operating since 2004. He got acquainted with betting a few years earlier and has experienced all kinds of things in the world of betting. He left betting on college football and basketball, because of fast moving odds and switches to pro sports. Now, he is not giving any more picks because he is too lazy to post them. But he helps his angels on a regular basis.

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  • Pat March 5, 2023

    You are right. This is one of the worst bookies

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