May 29, 2024
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Arena Betting Tips – Telegram

Look at this tipster, mostly wins but with lower odds. I’ve been following him on Telegram for a couple of days and I really like his winners. Vip subscription costs €40 per month, which is not much and guarantees 75% winning tickets. If he fails to achieve at least 75% in one month, the next month is free.

Channel name: Arena betting tips

Channel link:

VIP Membership includes

– Tickets (combo) with an odds 10+
– You will get 15-20 tickets in 1 month
– It is not good to bet every day. Only when sport offer is good
– Guarantee minimum 75 % winning tickets. That is real
– Price: 40 euros – 1 month

Arena betting tips accepts payments via  Skrill or Bitcoins. When I think about it, I would accept even fewer hits if this really works.

Let’s start the trial. I will use 10 unit per stake.

28-Apr-23 – Total odds 11.40, profit -10

Lok.Plovdiv – S.Varna
Dunkerque – Le Puy
Bochum – Dortmund
Gent – Westerlo BTS
Oss – Almere

Dortmund knocked down our first ticket. Although they were the better team, they had more chances, and two undecided penalties. Let’s move on.

What is it now? I got a message asking if I wanted fix pick with odds over 90. He sent me the proof of yesterday’s game that passed. This sounds too good to be true. The price is very high, it’s 400€. I think to myself, ok the free picks go through, he lost first paid ticket unlucky, but why the proof on bet365? Bet365 is a soft bookmaker that does not allow high stakes and regularly limits accounts. For example my bet365 account is limited after only three bets of €50. I won all three bets and they limit my stakes to only 0.1€.

arena proof won

However, we managed to agree that I would pay half now and half after the game and the match must be able to be bet at Pinnacle. I sent €200 on his skrill account :

Tomislav Parcekliev paid €200

After my payment, Tomislav disappeared for a couple of hours and did not answer. I broke out in a cold sweat because it doesn’t look good. Have I been scammed again? After more than two hours, he said that the customer number is limited and I have to pay the full amount. I did not agree with that and asked for a refund. Even though I ask for a refund, Tomislav sends me a pick that I can’t bet at Pinnacle with @3. it wasn’t an agreement, he can’t send me what he wants but what I paid for. There was no help, let’s see how the tickets will go.

29-Apr-23 – Total odds 17.02, profit -10

Metz – Paris FC
Coventry – Birmingham
Shrewsbury – Sheffield Wed
Peterborough – Bristol Rovers
Lille – AC Ajaccio – 1/1 (half time/full time)

Second ticket (extra) – Total odds 13.67, profit -10
Magdeburg – Hamburger SV
Braga – Portimonense – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Gil Vicente – Benfica – 2/2 (half time/full time)
Chesterfield – Maidstone – 1/1 (half time/full time)

“p.s. Bet all games on 1 ticket on small bet. If both wins, profit will be very good. “However, I bet on two tickets. I ignored his advice.

Total profit is -30 units and today we have three tickets. How familiar is this to me, when it doesn’t work out, tipster start increasing it and then lose even more.

30-Apr-23 – Ticket 1, total odds 9.42, profit -10

LASK – A. Klagenfurt
Toluca – Necaxa
Zurich – Sion
Malmo – Hammarby
Tabor Sežana – Radomlje  under 2.5 goals

30-Apr-23 – Ticket 2, total odds 13.86, profit -10

Tabor Sežana – Radomlje
Fulham – Manchester City2/2 (half time/full time)
Marseille – Auxerre – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Monaco – Montpellier

30-Apr-23 – Ticket 3, total odds 16.30, profit -10

Bayern – Hertha – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Villarreal – Celta Vigo
Slavia Prag – Hradec Kralove – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Mosonmagyarovari TE – Gyor – under 2.5 goals
Sandecja – Ruch

After three days we are down for 60 units. Ticket stats 0-6 WL. Does this make more sense? I give it another day or two, then give up after that if something doesn’t drastically improve.

1-May-23- Total odds 11.50, profit -10

S. Gijon – Lugo
APOEL – Omonia
Malaga – Huesca
Ascoli – Pisa – under 2.5 goals
Sudtirol – Genoa – under 2.5 goals

2-May-23 No tickets?

3-May-23 – Ticket 1, total odds 7.05, profit -10 

Liverpool – Fulham – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Manchester City – West Ham – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Todesfelde – Inter Turkspor Kiel – over 2.5 goals
Fram – Vestmannaeyjar – over 2.5 goals

3-May-23 – Ticket 2, total odds 21.12, profit -10 

Bilje – Aluminij
Primorje – Rogaska
Burton – Cambridge Utd
AC Milan – Cremonese – 1/1 (half time/full time)
Ludogorets – Beroe – 1/1 (half time/full time)

I’m stopping this now, I don’t know how to call this sh** to remain polite. This page is so red it’s a shame. Shame on you Tomislav.


-90 units.

Ticket stats 0-9 WL.

+ stolen €200 for fix match

Skip the Telegram tipsters because you will rarely find an honest tipster. I learned that from my own experience.

Mary interests include swimming, golf, sports betting and wine tasting. Last of all, she's stimulated by discovering and visiting different places such as Saint Julians -- Malta.


  • Carlos April 29, 2023

    Mary, Tomislav Parcekliev from Macedonia Stip is one of the biggest scammer around. Do not pay him anything

  • Mary Jones April 30, 2023

    It’s over, it’s paid 🙁
    I’ll ask another time here

  • Dean May 1, 2023

    Scammer Tomislav also run and many other sites just like,,,,
    his paypal account was or still is

  • Maffin May 1, 2023

    Mary, archive all payments and conversations with him. Then I will give you a contact who will return his debt to you. Code Измамникот Том

  • Oliver May 6, 2023

    Holly sh*t. This j*rk has been scamming people for over a decade. Check his name from 2012.

  • Javier June 5, 2023

    Just skip this guy. He scams for a very long time.

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