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Sports Sniper System Review

Sports Sniper System

Quite by accident, I discovered the Sports Sniper System that looks very good. Well, a friend of mine got an email from sportssnipersystem.com team and he asked me if I have in plan to do a review. No problem, I said, but I will little research the website. Looks like the domain is old almost one year and I didn’t find anything about this service using google.

Numbers on the site looks impressive, but there is no archive of picks, what is the first thing that customer looking for, before the payment.

I contacted the support to get some more info about the record and what kind picks we can expect here. Soon, I’m getting all records from 1-st of January to the end of March.

Stats after completed March 2016.
Record 54-37 WL, 59% hitrate
January 18-11 WL
February 18-11 WL
March 18-13 WL

Who is behind the system?

Behind the site is a Vegas handicapping team, these guys are former oddsmakers. You don’t need to know anything about sports, these guys will tell you what exactly you need to do to make extra pocket money every month. The Sports Sniper System team has spent thousands of hours perfecting this advanced system for predicting profitable outcomes. Originally, the Sports Sniper System was a private, member’s only club with a special invitation to join. Now, they decided to open the doors up to the public for a limited number of spots.

Sports Sniper System covers all of the major US sports including NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and all college sports in one single VIP membership.

Betting strategy of the Sports Sniper System

Every day you will have one the best pick while staking system is a progressive system in four stages. All picks are based on handicaps and Over/Under picks. So, we can expect odds around 1.90. They highly recommend a starting bankroll of 1000$ with stake on first pick of 50$ but any amount will work. The system increase the recommend betting bank in three months to 3700$. So, the profit is 2700$.

If you are approved to join, you will have full access to the members area for $127, but the price will soon increase to $299/month. You can cancel membership at any time with a 60 day money back guarantee. You will receive every day one pick with well studied analysis, directly to your inbox. Also, you have the option to log into member’s area directly to check the pick.

I received a coupon code for betcover.com visitors to save 75% on your first month. Use coupon code SSS75OFF

In our trial we will use 1 unit for first bet with 20 units of betting bank.

Let’s start the trial during next 30 days

01-May-16 Toronto Raptors (-5.5) @1.90, Lost 1.10, Total -1.10 units

02-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-7.5) @1.917, Win 2.10, Total +1.00 units

03-May-16 Miami Heat (+4.5) @1.925, Win 1.02, Total +2.02 units

04-May-16 Washington Capitals/Pittsburgh Penguins Over 5 @1.833, void/return money

05-May-16 Miami Heat/Toronto Raptors Under 188 @2.10, void/return money

06-May-16 Atlanta Hawks (+2.5) @1.99, Lost 1.01, Total +1.01 units, 2-2 WL

07-May-16 Miami Heat (-5.5) @1.926, Lost 2.18, Total -1.17 units, 2-3 WL

08-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-5) @2.03, Lost 4.06, Total -5.23 units, 2-4 WL

09-May-16 Golden State Warriors (-5) @1.80, Win 8.24, Total +3.01 units, 3-4 WL

10-May-16 San Antonio Spurs (-7) @1.917, Lost 1.10, Total +1.91 units, 3-5 WL

11-May-16 Miami Marlins (-1.5) @2.20, Lost 2.18, Total -0.27 units, 3-6 WL

12-May-16 Oklahoma C. Thunder (+1.5) @1.98, Win 4.27, Total +4.00 units, 4-6 WL

13-May-16 Chi White Sox/NY Yankees Under 7 @2.06, Lost 1.00, Total +3.00 units, 4-7 WL

14-May-16 Atlanta Braves/KC Royals Over 8.5 @2.02, Lost 2.00, Total +1.00 units, 4-8 WL

15-May-16 Miami Heat (+4.5) @1.98, Lost 4.10, Total -3.10 units, 4-9 WL

16-May-16 Oklahoma C. Thunder (+8) @1.92, Win 8.11, Total +5.01 units, 5-9 WL

We are halfway through our trial and yes, the results should be better but we are in profit of +5.01 units, current Yield is 10.5%. I expect more winners to the end of month.

17-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-11) @1.952, Win 1.01, Total +6.02 units, 6-9 WL

18-May-16 Oklahoma C. Thunder (+8.5) @1.98, Lost 1.03, Total +4.99 units, 6-10 WL

19-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-11.5) @1.98, Win 2.03, Total +7.02 units, 7-10 WL

20-May-16 Atl Braves/Phi Phillies Under 7 @2.09, Lost 1.00, Total +6.02 units, 7-11 WL

21-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-5.5) @1.926, Lost 2.16, Total +3.86 units, 7-12 WL

22-May-16 GS Warriors/OC Thunder Over 220 @1.877, Win 4.16, Total +8.02 units, 8-12 WL

23-May-16 SD Padres/SF Giants Over 6 @1.81, Lost 1.24, Total +6.78 units, 8-13 WL

24-May-16 GS Warriors/OC Thunder Under 222 @1.943, Win 2.23, Total +9.01 units, 9-13 WL

25-May-16 Cleveland Cavaliers (-11) @1.917, Win 1.00, Total +10.01 units, 10-13 WL

26-May-16 Oklahoma C. Thunder (+7) @2.10, Lost 1.00, Total +9.01 units, 10-14 WL

27-May-16 Toronto Raptors (+6.5) @2.02, Lost 2.00, Total +7.01 units, 10-15 WL

28-May-16 Oklahoma C. Thunder (-2.5) @1.86, Lost 4.68, Total +2.33 units, 10-16 WL

29-May-16 No pick

30-May-16 SJ Sharks/Pit Penguins Under 5.5 @1.741, Win 8.68, Total +11.01 units, 11-16 WL

31-May-16 NY Yankees/Toronto Over 8.5 @2.00, Lost 1.00, Total +10.01 units, 11-17 WL

Last words about the system. Although I expected at least 58% winners of all picks, I got in my trial only 39.3%, but also with a lot lower hit-rate the system won +10.01 units. Maybe I have started the trial at the wrong time because the NBA and NHL were playing playoffs and MLB just started the season.

Sports Sniper System stats

The system was easy to follow, every day I received an email with the pick and the stake that I should invest and why they like the pick with a short, but important opinion. However, sometimes it was hard to decide to follow the pick with a really high recommended stake, although the system won all this critical bets.

The system won +10.01 units while the Yield was on my trial 11.78%.

My biggest objection goes to the website. It is not easy to understand what exactly you will get. The promotion is changing time to time. I purchased the subscription using the promo code for 31,75$/m and now they offer 10 days for only 7$ but after 10 days the system will charge you 127$/m. The system works and I only can recommend it.

The system is no longer available

Mary interests include swimming, golf, sports betting and wine tasting. Last of all, she's stimulated by discovering and visiting different places such as Saint Julians -- Malta.


  • John B September 24, 2016


    All he did was copy Z Code and make horrible picks.


    • Mary Jones September 28, 2016

      John, I wiped off the middle of your comment because you didn’t show me the proof that I asked over the email.

  • Jude May 23, 2018

    Hello madam good day please I have been hearing of z code team and I don’t know how good their system is and please I will be very happy if you can advise me on sports system to follow to make profit cause am having a bad financial challenge

    God bless you madam

    • Mary Jones May 28, 2018

      Hey Jude,
      Try “90 Second Tennis Cash System” for free first 60 days, the system that passed in my trial.

      I never tried z code so, I don’t know how it works.
      Sorry for late response, I found your comment in spam.

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