July 15, 2024
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90 Second Tennis Cash System Review

90 Second Tennis Cash System

Discover this unique 90 Second Tennis Cash System that wins over the past 9 years. Since tennis is a 10 month season game (played January through November), the sooner you start learning about tennis betting the better. Tennis betting could be the easiest and most profitable way to make extra money. Why is that? When betting on tennis, you’ve gained only two probable outcomes, there is no draw as the final result. You have a 50% chance to win the bet.

Certainly, to win consistently in tennis betting, it takes time and effort and much ground work to be done to yield profits. Betting systems will definitely save your time and money. All that you need is to follow the system rules.

90 Second Tennis Cash System Review

Chris Campbell developed his Tennis Cash Betting System and has used this betting system for over 9 years with great success. Chris says he isn’t a tennis expert and doesn’t claim to be. He doesn’t know who the majority of the players are. His system wins 78.3% of all bets selected, which equates to nearly 8 out of every 10 selections.

His system is easy and he clearly explains what to do. But you have to remember to start small until you learn it better and gain more confidence. You may want to bet without putting down money – like writing your bets on paper and keeping track of them, until you are ready to put down money, even as little as bet as possible. Which is great advice starting out with any betting system. The system costs only $39 with 100% money back guarantee.

How will you get the picks or the systems?

After you confirm your subscription you will find 756 Page manual. Learn all about rules and few tweaks how to choose winners. Chris says it only takes 90 seconds per day to spot the winners.

Let’s start. We will take suggested 5% of betting bank what will be 5 units per bet.

Goerges J. – Strycova B. stake 5 @1.61 -5.00
King V. – Wang Q.  stake 5 @1.60 +3.00

Hibino N. – Goerges J.  stake 5 @1.51 +2.55
Bouchard E. – Babos T.  stake 5 @1.60 -5.00
Paire B. – Rosol L.  stake 5 @1.57 +2.85

Goerges J. – Paszek T.  stake 5 @1.67 +3.35
Babos T. – Riske A.  stake 5 @1.57 -5.00

Raonic M. – Tomic B.  stake 5 @1.57 +2.85
Azarenka V. – Kerber A.  stake 5 @1.54 +2.70
Coric B. – Bedene A.  stake 5 @1.59 +2.95

Barthel M. – Osaka N.  stake 5 @1.56 +2.80
Puig M. – Stosur S.  stake 5 @1.53 -5.00
Kuznetsova S. – Errani S.  stake 5 @1.71 +3.55
Bencic B. – Makarova E.  stake 5 @1.80 +4.00

Niculescu M. – Watson H.  stake 5 @1.70 +3.50
Bertens K. – Cibulkova D.  stake 5 @1.63 +3.15

After 2 weeks I am really surprised with the results. Hitrate is 75%, well the odds are low, but I expected that. The profit is +17.25 units with really good yield of 21.6%. I hope 90 second tennis cash system will keep winning.

Cornet A. – Larsson J.  stake 5 @1.68 +3.40
Ferrer D. – Sock J.  stake 5 @1.50 -5.00
Bautista-Agut R. – Tsonga J-W.  stake 5 @1.50 -5.00
Kuznetsova S. – Puig M.  stake 5 @1.60 +3.00

Cornet A. – Bouchard E.  stake 5 @1.56 -5.00

Mladenovic K. – Gibbs N.  stake 5 @1.57 +2.85

Allertova D. – Lisicki S.  stake 5 @1.57 -5.00
Robert S. – Ram R.  stake 5 @1.53 +2.65

Thiem D. – Goffin D.  stake 5 @1.54 -5.00
Gasparyan M. – Putintseva Y.  stake 5 @1.65 +3.25
Kyrgios N. – Berdych T.  stake 5 @1.72 +3.60

Lopez F. – Isner J.  stake 5 @1.51 +2.55
Sela D. – Kuznetsov An.  stake 5 @1.49 +2.45
Konta J. – Allertova D.  stake 5 @1.53 +2.65
Siegemund L. – Beck A.  stake 5 @1.69 +3.45
Keys M. – Ivanovic A.  stake 5 @1.66 +3.30
Lepchenko V. – Zhang S.  stake 5 @1.66 -5.00

Excellent day, our profit is 9.40 units in only one day.

Raonic M. – Wawrinka S.  stake 5 @1.61 -5.00
Ferrer D. – Isner J.  stake 5 @1.57 +2.85
Konta J. – Makarova E.  stake 5 @1.62 -5.00
Keys M. – Zhang S.  stake 5 @1.47 -5.00

Konta J. – Zhang S.  stake 5 @1.47 +2.35

90 Second Tennis Cash System stats Jan2016

+10.60 units after 30 days is not bad. I expected little better hitrate, at least 70% and Yield should be better. Well, the system works fine for now. Let’s see what will be after next 30 days.

Gasquet R. – Gulbis E.  stake 5 @1.49 +2.45
Klizan M. – Rosol L.  stake 5 @1.54 -5.00

Copil M. – Mannarino A.  stake 5 @1.60 +3.00
Struff J-L. – Bemelmans R.  stake 5 @1.53 -5.00
Mathieu P. – Paire B.  stake 5 @1.58 -5.00

Berrer M. – Zverev A.  stake 5 @1.59 +2.95
Bellucci T. – Carreno-Busta P.  stake 5 @1.65 +3.26
Brown D. – Bemelmans R.  stake 5 @1.69 +3.45
Estrella V. – Olivo R.  stake 5 @1.63 +3.15

Bautista-Agut R. – Muller G.  stake 5 @1.50 +2.50
Lorenzi P. – Bellucci T.  stake 5 @1.63 +3.15

Wonderful last two days. We won 18.45 units.

Bautista-Agut R. – Troicki V.  stake 5 @1.60 +3.00
Bellucci T. – Estrella V.  stake 5 @1.61 -5.00

Dodig I. – Kohlschreiber P.  stake 5 @1.62 +3.10
Sevastova A. – Vekic D.  stake 5 @1.60 +3.00
Isner J. – Lajovic D.  stake 5 @1.52 -5.00
Nishioka Y. – Marchenko I.  stake 5 @1.50 -5.00
Wickmayer Y. – Vinci R.  stake 5 @1.58 +2.90

Mayer L. – Tsonga J-W.  stake 5 @1.61 +3.05
Linette M. – Doi M.  stake 5 @1.58 +2.90
Kasatkina D. – Siegemund L.  stake 5 @1.50 +2.50
Wozniacki C. – Cibulkova D.  stake 5 @1.58 -5.00

Babos T. – Vinci R. stake 5 @1.65 +3.25
Cibulkova D. – Kasatkina D. stake 5 @1.60 -5.00
Becker B. – Fritz T. stake 5 @1.60 +3.00
Berankis R. – Young D. stake 5 @1.74 -5.00
Bencic B. – Pavlyuchenkova A. stake 5 @1.57 +2.85
Hsieh S-W. – Doi M. stake 5 @1.73 +3.65

Monfils G. – Kohlschreiber P. stake 5 @1.65 +3.25

Thiem D. – Almagro N. stake 5 @1.77 +3.85

Hercog P. – Cirstea S. stake 5 @1.59 -5.00

Lorenzi P. – Delbonis F. stake 5 @1.57 +2.85
Errani S. – Brengle M. stake 5 @1.70 +3.50
Vandeweghe C. – Svitolina E. stake 5 @1.56 +2.80

Kyrgios N. – Gasquet R. stake 5 @1.66 -5.00

Cilic M. – Kyrgios N. stake 5 @1.72 +3.60
Cuevas P. – Pella G. stake 5 @1.50 +2.50

Kasatkina D. – Vinci R. stake 5 @1.50 +2.50
Putintseva Y. – Bacsinszky T. stake 5 @1.58 +2.90

Rola B. – Cervantes I. stake 5 @1.62 +3.10
Carreno-Busta P. – Gimeno-Traver D. stake 5 @1.61 +3.05
Zheng S. – Bouchard E. stake 5 @1.69 -5.00

Schwartzman D. – Delbonis F. stake 5 @1.61 +3.05
Kyrgios N. – Berdych T. stake 5 @1.82 -5.00
Kohlschreiber P. – Wawrinka S. stake 5 @1.52 +2.60

Dimitrov G. – Thiem D. stake 5 @1.63 -5.00
Kyrgios N. – Wawrinka S. stake 5 @1.76 +3.80
Lucic-Baroni M. – McHale C. stake 5 @1.71 -5.00

Wickmayer Y. – Stephens S. stake 5 @1.52 +2.60
Thiem D. – Querrey S. stake 5 @1.77 +3.85

Tomic B. – Thiem D. stake 5 @1.62 +3.10
Cibulkova D. – Stephens S. stake 5 @1.67 +3.35

90 Second Tennis Cash System Review graph

Great run during the trial. In the end it all fell into place. The hitrate is near 70%, while Yield is higher, than I expected. I am very satisfied with the profit of +48.95 units, Yield is 10.88%. The system works many years, but I didn’t know that the system can bring that profit. It can happen that you will not earn money some weeks or a month, but overall during the last few years system works and returns money.

The system is very easy to follow and takes few minutes every morning.

90 Second Tennis Cash System Review stats

The system is no longer available to buy, but you can still use it

Tweaks and rules

The Tennis Cash System works just fine, but using some own made easy additional tweaks will improve the system.

To get additional tweaks simply click this link and enter “2004” as a password.

If you test the system please let me know how it works for you.

Mary interests include swimming, golf, sports betting and wine tasting. Last of all, she's stimulated by discovering and visiting different places such as Saint Julians -- Malta.


  • Alojamiento May 27, 2016

    Is Chris Campbell s 90 second tennis cash system any good? Can this tennis betting system really live up to the promises?

    • Mary Jones May 27, 2016

      Hi Alojamiento,
      System pass our trial few times. If you follow the rules, system will make money to you.

  • haranath June 9, 2016

    madam……passed few times means?is there any failure?second is what are the rules shall i follow for this Chris Campbell s 90 second tennis cash system?

    • Mary Jones June 10, 2016

      Few times means – that is my third 90 second tennis cash system test but for the first time all results are documented here at this page. And yes, all three times( I tested system in 2014, 2015 and now) system made profit. Rules of system you will find in PDF that you will receive after purchasing the system. Chris Campbell also offer money back guarantee.

  • haranath June 11, 2016

    Thank u very much madam

    • haranath June 23, 2016

      madam i purchased 90 second tennis cash system based on your review.But i have some doubts regarding to this system.Should i bet only ATP and WTA tournments only?Second thing is can i bet in second round of tournaments?I would be thankful if got reply from you madam

  • Mary Jones June 25, 2016

    Dear haranath
    I will send to you email as soon as possible how exactly to follow this system with tweaks that I use.

  • Sandy July 26, 2016

    Hi there, I think your site is great and I too purchased the 90 Second Tennis Cash System. Can you be kind to send me some pointers that you use please. Thank you

  • Thiago August 24, 2016

    I bought it just after reading your review, and I’m following the results (without betting) for weeks. But I’m not too sure if I understood it right. Could you please send me some guidance?

  • Mary Jones August 24, 2016

    Thiago, check your email.

  • kari October 15, 2016

    I too purchased the 90 Second Tennis Cash System.Can you be kind to send me some pointers that you use please.

    • Mary Jones October 17, 2016

      Hi Kari,
      Sent via email, if you will have any questions just contact me.

  • steven g January 17, 2017

    I have purchased the system but the prices of your average odds at 1.60 seem a bit high.Without giving away the system most of my bets are in the 1.45 to 1.50 range and not at such a high strike rate.
    I must be doing something wrong so I may need some help as well.
    Thanking you

    • Mary Jones January 23, 2017

      Steven, which bookies do you use? You have to use more then one to find better odds. About strike rate, read the system again, maybe you didn’t understand Chris Campbell’s rules.

  • Natalie January 23, 2017

    The best betting system ever. Thank You Mary for help. I earned over 3000€ in less then 4 months. Yours additional tweaks are gold.

  • Mich January 25, 2017

    I’ve made €4,300 in 7 weeks. Amazing betting system. Thanks for review that open my eyes and start for the first time with system that really work.

  • Brian July 12, 2017

    Awesome system. In just three weeks I earned almost 800€. I have 76% hits, ROI is 26%.

  • Richard February 3, 2018

    Hello Mary,

    I would like to ask that this system is for the ATP and the WTA matches?

    Thanks for the answer

  • Mary Jones February 4, 2018

    Hi Richard,
    It’s for ATP and WTA singles only and not for any qualifications, challenges, ITF, doubles or any kind of exhibitions, Davis Cup…

    • Richard February 12, 2018

      Can we talk in e-mail or facebook about it? Because maybe I do wrong something but I doesn’t work to me.

      • Mary Jones February 12, 2018

        Richard! did you check the additional tweaks for the system? Seems you didn’t read how the system works.

  • Richard February 13, 2018

    I have read the book. I’ve just would like to ask you something.

  • Bela February 25, 2018

    Hello Madam,

    If I use at rule 2 the 0.9 all the time, can it make 4-5unit profit monthly?

    Thank you for your answer


    • Mary Jones February 26, 2018

      Sorry Bela, I didn’t test the system on this way. I think you will have better hitrate but of course less picks.

  • Bela February 27, 2018

    Thank you for your answer 🙂

    And is it true it can make +15 or +20 unit monthly?
    Can I ask you that do you use this system in nowdays? I would like to ask it because I would like to know that is it work in nowdays.


    • Mary Jones March 2, 2018

      You should try the system to see how it works.

  • Petros July 13, 2018

    Do you tested this system with challenger tournaments?
    I know it works with ATP and WTA. I am just courios. Thank you

  • Mary Jones July 13, 2018

    Hi Petros,
    No, I didn’t test challengers.

  • Juergen July 26, 2018

    Nice Website 👍
    I purchased the Tennis Cash System today, cab you please send me the tweaks you use?
    Thank you very much!

    • Mary Jones July 27, 2018

      Thanks Juergen,
      To see the tweaks, just enter your Order Number.

  • Rick August 9, 2018

    I have tested this system against past years historical data. All resulting in a nett loss. May i know why is it so different from yours? Regards

    • Mary Jones August 17, 2018

      Dear Rick,
      You are testing the system using closed odds, right? On that way you cannot have the same results.
      Did you read how the system works?

      This is very important rule : “When to place your bets
      I usually place all my bets in the morning and forget about them”

      I also wrote tweaks for betcover members (who bought the system over my link) that helps a lot.

  • Herach August 27, 2018

    Hi Mary,

    Can you please let me know what link to press to be able to buy the 90 second tennis betting system form your website so I can also get your tweaks to the system that you say it will increase the profit?



    • Mary Jones August 27, 2018

      Dear Herach,
      I sent info by email.


  • ZAMMY August 31, 2018


    • Mary Jones August 31, 2018

      Dear Zammy,
      Try again and watch on spaces

  • David January 17, 2019

    Just ordered but the order number does not seem to work as a password, would like to know of the tweeks, thanks.

    • Mary Jones January 18, 2019

      Dear David,
      I just manually added your order number as password.

  • Roy February 21, 2019

    Hey Mary,
    Thanks for the review. I wanted to ask if this is still working and if there is any other you could recommend.


    • Mary Jones February 22, 2019

      Dear Roy,
      Yes, the system works fine many years. Try also Bookies Enemy No.1.

  • Anders Jorgensen Aarstad March 1, 2019

    Hi Mary. How can i earn the most on tennishcash kindly email me.

    Thanks for great service.

    • Mary Jones March 2, 2019

      Dear Anders,
      Just follow the rules and tweaks that You found at this site if you order system over betcover and the profit will come.

  • Grigoris T. June 22, 2019

    Hey Mary. Thanks for the review. I purchased the 90 Second Tennis Cash System through your site and i am looking forward to use it.

    Please contact me to my e mail, because my order number dont work in your site as password for tweaks.

    Best Regards

    • Mary Jones June 22, 2019

      Dear Grigoris,
      please check you email address.

  • Nemanja March 11, 2024

    Dear Mary,

    It’s been 5 years since your last comment here.

    Have you tested this system again?

    Anyhow, I wanted to ask you something else, about another, similar, if not the same system. You can email me.


  • Mary Jones March 14, 2024

    Dear Nemanja,
    I sent you an email.

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