May 29, 2024

Mary Jones


Her passion for football is unlimited, so over the last seven years Mary experienced enormous number of matches. Very important for Mary is watching live matches, which makes it easier to make decisions when betting. If a team isn’t doing well and doesn’t take advantage of its opportunities, it will be noticed, and if she see value odds on that team in the next game, she will take it. At the same time always try to get value odds because bookies from time to time can make mistakes in the lines and generally always try to take advantage of that.

She is the first Angel here. Mark_O doesn’t count because he’s not an angel at all 🙂

Favourite sport: football
Fan of: Swansea City
If you want to win, you must not lose.


Edith Brimer

Betting Analyst

Trudy Banks

Betting Statistician


Betting Advisor