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Marathonbet Funny Bookie

Marathon bet

Excellent odds, a great offer and they don’t limit the accounts so quickly. I thought that was the bookie for me.

In order to avoid limits, I bet there only when the odds were much higher than at other bookmakers. So, I took only three bets in 2 weeks. I won one and lost the other two bets, so in total I was at a loss but Marathonbet limited my bets. At first to 20€. That was too fast. Why???

Since I didn’t have much money left, I bet for fun to see when and how much they would limit my account. I bet on the top leagues and I noticed that I was being limited more and more, that in the end I could not even bet for 1€.

In the end there was nothing left in my account and the account was completely limited. It’s really funny, I lost money and the account is limited to the point of pain.

One more thing, waiting time between KYC processes is too long.

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