May 29, 2024
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Ladbrokes Hates Winners


Ladbrokes have one of the biggest names in UK bookmaking but are they fair to punters? It’s very sad to say, but it’s not uncommon that companies like Ladbrokes refuse to pay out winnings.

In my experience, they cut off very soon the Best Odds Guaranteed(BOG) which itself is used for horse racing. When I stopped betting on horse racing after some time they started reducing my stakes.

In the end, they asked me to stop betting with them and they set my limit to only €0.20.

However, they paid everything I had on my account and then closed it. I didn’t lose any money and I thank them for that because they allowed me to withdraw funds. Their support is bad, they use bots and you usually don’t get answers to your questions.

I read on forums and some other web sites what these soft bookmakers do and personally I did very very well.

If you already have to bet in soft bookmakers, never but never have more money in your account than for only two or three bets. Always test if they pay back at the very beginning of betting.

Other people’s experiences :

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