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HurvajzTipy Review

hurvajz tipy

After 260 picks over 13 months, with amazing Yield of 40% and profit of 1031.44 units (10 units per bet) HurvajzTipy find the place at betcover to be reviewed. Their hitrate is 70% while an average odds are 1.87.

I test the service first week of August 2017 and I’ve got four winners and only one losing pick. I was surprised with their odds in test week, the odds were much lower (@1.54, @1.50, @1.80, @1.44 and @1.77) of their average.

Who is behind HurvajzTipy

HurvajzTipy’s is a project of three students who launched betting service in February 2016. The first success of the project was phenomenal, quality picks with great hitrate, they quickly won the hearts of passionate bettors.

and what is their betting strategy

You will find here bets mostly on tennis, soccer and hockey, but don’t be surprised if they publish some bets in other sports too. HurvajzTipy use flat stakes only. Mostly used betting types are money lines (match odds) and very rarely Asian handicap. We will follow the picks as 10 units per bet.

HurvajzTipy august

Their picks are verified by a third independent party at verifikace.com. I’ve never had any contact with verifikace.com, so I really cannot say anything about them.

Each day in the morning you will receive an email that the pick is ready at the website. The site is in Czech but don’t worry the picks are understandable.

Let’s track HurvajzTipy

01-Sep-17 Shapovalov D. vs Edmund K. stake 10 @1.72 +7.20

03-Sep-17 Belarus vs Sweden stake 10 @1.67 +6.70

04-Sep-17 Del Potro J. vs Thiem D. stake 10 @1.87 +8.70

05-Sep-17 Carreno-Busta P. vs Schwartzman D. stake 10 @1.49 +4.90

08-Sep-17 Vandeweghe C. vs Keys M. stake 10 @1.69 +6.90

09-Sep-17 Nadal R. vs Del Potro J. stake 10 @1.37 +3.70

10-Sep-17 A. Nunes vs V. Shevchenko stake 10 @1.80 –10
10-Sep-17 Mlada Boleslav vs Brno stake 10 @1.62 +6.20

11-Sep-17 Vladivostok vs Slovan Bratislava stake 10 @1.81 -10

Hmm, why is the stake at verifikace.com only 600 kč (in our case 6 units) and not 1000 as usual?

12-Sep-17 Barcelona vs Juventus stake 10 @1.67 +6.70

13-Sep-17 Porto vs Besiktas stake 10 @1.57 -10

14-Sep-17 H. Beer Sheva vs Lugano stake 10 @1.55 +5.50

15-Sep-17 Mlada Boleslav vs Pardubice stake 10 @1.77 +7.70

Nice start. HurvajzTipy won 34.20 units, Yield is 26.3% while the hitrate is great, 76.9%. I hope we will increase the profit to the end of month.

16-Sep-17 Fett J. vs Kato M. stake 10 @2.90 +19
16-Sep-17 Nitra vs Podbrezova stake 10 @1.70 +7

17-Sep-17 Plzen vs Sparta Prague stake 10 @2.20 +12
17-Sep-17 Slovenia vs Serbia stake 10 @1.95 +9.50

18-Sep-17 Nordsjaelland vs Aarhus stake 10 @2.09 -10

19-Sep-17 Marchenko I. vs Ilhan M. (+1.5 set) stake 10 @1.66 +6.60

21-Sep-17 Sonego L. vs Kecmanovic M. stake 10 @1.90 -10

Ops, this lost pick is not in the archives. I think I’ll have to do screen-shots for every pick.

22-Sep-17 Pardubice vs Jihlava stake 10 @1.85 +8.50

23-Sep-17 Dzumhur D. vs Struff J-L. stake 10 @1.83 -10

24-Sep-17 Plzen vs Pardubice stake 10 @1.60 +6

25-Sep-17 Monteiro T. vs Wu Y. stake 10 @1.75 -10

Another lost pick that is not in the archives?

27-Sep-17 Paris SG vs Bayern Munich (+0.5) stake 10 @1.96 -10

What the hell is this? Another lost pick not in the archives.

date 27.9.2017

28-Sep-17 Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs Niznekamsk stake 10 @1.73 -10
28-Sep-17 Nice vs Vitesse stake 10 @1.50 +5

29-Sep-17 Pardubice vs Kometa Brno stake 10 @1.85 +8.50

30-Sep-17 Dukla Prague vs Sparta Prague stake 10 @2.01 -10

At the end of month my results are significantly different than at verifikace.com.

hurvajztipy sep2017

I’ve got 29 picks (26 are verified), I had the same winners (19) but 10 lost picks. Where are 3 lost picks? The real profit is 46.30 units, while HurvajzTipy won 90.60. Look at his Yield, it’s 35.39% fascinating. The Yield should be 16% what is not bad. HurvajzTipy had good picks but why they cheat together with the verifikace.com.

After first month the facts are clear, but let’s try another month to be really sure what kind of betting service is this.

01-Oct-17 Ostrava vs Zlin (+0.5) stake 10 @1.73 +7.30

03-Oct-17 Sock J. vs Rublev A. stake 10 @1.63 -10.00

04-Oct-17 Dimitrov G. vs Del Potro J. stake 10 @1.74 -10.00

Pick is not in the archives. Right from the beginning of new month things are repeated from last month.

date 4.10.2017

05-Oct-17 Kvitova P. vs Wozniacki C. stake 10 @1.75 -10.00
05-Oct-17 Azerbaijan (+0.5) vs Czech Republic stake 10 @2.00 -10.00
05-Oct-17 Scotland vs Slovakia (+0.5) stake 10 @1.64 -10.00

And another three lost picks that are not archived.

date 5.10.2017

06-Oct-17 Kometa Brno vs Liberec stake 10 @1.85 +8.50

Hmm, why this winner disappear from the archives?

07-Oct-17 Kvitova P. vs Garcia C. stake 10 @1.50 -10.00

Another lost pick and of course not in the archives. That is so sad now.

date 7.10.2017

08-Oct-17 Trinec vs Chomutov stake 10 @1.65 -10.00

Common, another lost pick that is not verified.

date 8.10.2017

11-Oct-17 Davos vs Liberec stake 10 @1.73 +7.30
11-Oct-17 Herbert P. vs De Schepper K. stake 10 @1.74 +7.40

Nice, two winners are here.

13-Oct-17 Plzen vs Liberec stake 10 @1.80 +8.00

15-Oct-17 Sparta Prague vs Plzen (+0.5) stake 10 @1.64 +6.40

At the halfway of October we are down for -25.10 units while hurvajztipy guys are in huge profit.

17-Oct-17 Mlada Boleslav vs Jihlava stake 10 @1.53 +5.30

18-Oct-17 Stebe C. vs Darcis S. stake 10 @1.73 +7.30

19-Oct-17 Darcis S. vs Ferrer D. stake 10 @1.65 +6.50

24-Oct-17 Muguruza G. vs Pliskova Ka. stake 10 @2.06 -10.00

26-Oct-17 Muguruza G. vs Williams V. stake 10 @1.54 -10.00

28-Oct-17 Bournemouth vs Chelsea stake 10 @1.64 +6.40

Last four picks are not verified but I have a proof that all picks are published at website. Look at this great record for October 2017. Almost all winner and one lost pick. Yield is 54.25% and they earn 43.40 units.

hurvajztipy oct2017

In real world hurvajztipy lost 19.60 units in October. They hit only 10 of 19 picks.

hurvajztipy overall stats

Overall over two months this betting service won only 26.70 and not 134 units as you can see at verifikace.com. The Yield is only 5.60% while hitrate is around 60%. My suggestion is stay away from this betting service or any tipster at verifikace.com.

Not recommended tipster

Update Feb. 2018

HurvajzTipy change the name and now they are working under www.vipsazkar.com. All picks have been copied under new name.

Inactive Service

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